Why You Need to Replace Your Roof This Spring

Spring is the most perfect time for you to replace your roof and we’re here to tell you why. Midland Roofing offers a wide range of solutions for our customers no matter what the job consists of. No project is too small or too big for us to handle as we make a promise that you can fully trust our registered and insured roofing experts when getting your free estimate on a roof replacement.

Spring Weather:

This spring, weather conditions are optimal for exterior home improvements. Not only has the air warmed up earlier this time of year, but we are still not close to humid temperatures. Most people think summer is the prime time to get your roof replaced or even during the fall right before the winter, but that is not always the case. If your roof is replaced during the summer months, the humid air has potential to cause moisture damage during the sealing process. Also, because most people schedule their roofs to be replaced in the summer or fall, the spring allows more availability for us to spend on your roof.

After the winter months, it might be essential to give your roof some TLC anyways. Snowstorms and even colder weather in general can cause a variety of issues to your roof. Water damage, water leaks, mold, and mildew are just a few problems that can happen. If you only consider replacing the few shingles here and there, that could run up a huge bill and affect the appearance of your roof.

Roof Maintenance:

A roof’s lifespan averages about 20 years or less depending on repairs done and the extent of prior damages made. If you’re reaching around that 20-year mark or can’t even remember when your roof was replaced, you might want to consider replacing your roof. Between our qualified workers and affordable prices, replacing your roof will be easy with Midland considering the plenty of options and services we provide. A new roof will benefit you as a homeowner in many ways. This includes making a good first impression, enhancing curb appeal, and even getting a huge return of investment. They say that replacing your roof provides more ROI than a bathroom makeover or even kitchen renovation. There are also energy efficient benefits such as improving attic ventilation, home insulation, and reducing the cooling bills before the summer months.

Adding Modern Flare:

You should know that when replacing your roof, there are many options to choose from. Not only is there a variety of shingles to choose from to match the style of your home but adding weather protection or even skylights is an option! We are completely aware of the fluctuating temperatures New England has to offer and having additional roof coverings might be right for you. Guarding against the harsh winter elements and summer humidity, an underlayment would be key to extending the life of your new roof.

Another thing to consider would be adding skylights. Who doesn’t love the look and feel of additional natural light and fresh air? Skylights will open and freshen up any space in your home. In today’s day and age, we can even offer solar-powered battery technology skylights allowing an energy-efficient way to transform your home. We also have rain sensor options and remote-controlled windows to add additional protection against weather.

Why Midland Roofing:

For more than 40 years, our mission has been to provide the best customer service and quality work in this industry throughout Rhode Island. Being a family-owned business, the relationship we hold with our customers is important to us. Therefore, all interactions on your project are approached personally and dealt directly with the owners.

Staying on top of trends and styles, we here at Midland are proud to give you the best roofing experience. With a certification that is only awarded to 2% of roofing contractors, we are a proud factory-certified GAF Master Elite company. Give us a call at 401-738-8282 or visit our website, midlandroofingri.com, to view our variety of services.

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