Who Picks the Roof Color?


Given that I’m not a roofing expert, how much should I trust my roofer to advise me on the color for my roof?

When looking for the appropriate roofing contractor for your project, you should select one that you can trust and with whom you feel most at ease. Shouldn’t your roofer (and their team) treat you, your choices, and your home with respect? Does this imply you should rely on your roofing company to choose the final product style and color?

Traditionally, it appears to be that roofing is a market where the contractor plays a larger part in determining the shingle color and style for its customers than in other types of remodeling.

Is your tile installer responsible for choosing the style and color of the tiles on your project? Is it your painter who determines the color of the paint you use? So, while a roofing contractor is a specialist in the field, picking a roof color is always a personal decision.

If your contractor is a professional, he or she likely has experience with many popular colors and may be inclined to offer you “safe” color options. Because everyone else is choosing a specific hue doesn’t imply that it’s appropriate for your home or personality. You must have confidence in your selection and tell your contractor if you want something unique. After all it is your roof!

Here are some tips on what you can do to help yourself in this color choice:

  • Remember to be alert. Look online and in publications for photographs that inspire you and use them to build a mood board. This is simply the introduction stage of your project. Before hiring a contractor, make a list of all possible choices and then start eliminating ones. It’s preferable to do this before bringing in a contractor.
  • To discover more roofing colors and design ideas for your street, go around and look at the outside designs of other homes. This will assist you in eliminating the styles and colors that you dislike while also deciding which ones you prefer. You could possibly encounter the homeowner in their yard to inquire about their roofing. If not, your contractor will be able to identify the product for you.

Find inspiration for house and roof color combinations by driving or walking around your neighborhood.

  • Before they arrive at your house, inform your roofing contractor of the shingle types and colors you want so they can bring the right sample boards for you to evaluate, feel and touch.
  • An experienced contractor has completed many installations and has a list of locations where you may get a reference. This allows you to view your color scheme on an actual property, in its natural environment.
  • Use technology to ‘try on’ different roof styles and colors. On their website, Owens Corning – is this our client ? provides a free Design EyeQ® tool that lets you explore various roofing materials. You can input a photo of your home or choose one of the available house templates.

The key is that while your contractor will play a crucial role in your new roof project, you’ll have the last word on all decisions. Preparing ahead of time to identify (and possibly eliminate) possibilities before meeting with your contractor will save time and help you have a better interaction. Remember, as the consumer, it’s YOUR turn to get what YOU want.

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