What You Need to Know Before Installing a Skylight

Everyone loves the look and the feel of a bright open room. Skylights are an elegant and energy-efficient way to transform your home into a bright and healthy environment. At Midland Roofing, we offer a variety of Velux skylights that can add natural light and maximum fresh air at the touch of a button. Our skylights offer solar-powered battery technology for ease of operation and rain sensors designed to protect you against inclement weather.  

No Leak Skylights

As we enter the latter months of the year, our skylights are designed to allow you to enjoy the natural light and fresh air of the outdoors while remaining comfortable inside your home. As the weather in our area gets cold and wet in the next few months, you will not need to worry about any leakage with our skylights. Our Velux skylights have been carefully leakproof designed with multiple layers of seal. Not only do they have a deck seal, but they also have an all-weather underlayment to ensure no water leaks through to the inside of your home. Our team is equipped with experts confident in our workmanship and our ability to deliver the best results, so you will not be disappointed.  


Our skylights were made with sustainable materials in a factory that is actively working to minimize their environmental footprint. 99.5% of the wood used for our Velux windows is sourced from sustainable forests, and all waste from the production site is recycled. We are proud to provide our customers with products that were made in an environmentally friendly manner.  

The Velux skylights we offer are constantly being tested in climate-neutral buildings across five countries to ensure the products promote a healthy and productive indoor environment. In addition to creating a natural environment, skylights can also save you big bucks on your energy bills! Installing a skylight in your home or workplace is a huge step in reducing your own carbon footprint.  


Whether you choose an automatic or a manual skylight, they both have great ventilation capabilities. Skylights release the hot air that rises in a room and helps maintain a comfortable temperature, as they actively push out stale air. This is especially beneficial to your roof in the winter months, as the hot air being released from your home can help melt the snow and ice that has accumulated on your roof. This causes less strain on your roof, and thereby increases your roof’s lifespan. Skylights are useful throughout all four seasons!

Ventilating your home with a skylight will result in reduced energy costs, a more comfortable temperature in your home, a longer roof life, and less moisture. A skylight is not just beneficial for the temperature and look of your home, but also for your health as well.  


The placement of a skylight in your home or workplace is key to productivity levels, aesthetic and overall mood. It is important to install a skylight in a room you are frequently in- whether that be an office, bathroom, stairwell, etc. The bathroom is usually the first place people go when they wake up, so having a skylight in that room can bring in loads of natural light in the morning to boost anyone’s mood. Additionally, skylights installed in a room with high ceilings can give the illusion that the ceiling is even higher.  

A part of a home where skylights can be particularly beneficial are stairways. Though people don’t normally sit and be productive in a stairway, a skylight in this location can spread light and promote air flow throughout the entire home. If you are unsure about where to have your skylight installed, we offer free estimates and would love to help select the placement and style that is best for you.  

Midland Roofing has provided the best customer service and quality workmanship across Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts since 1975. All our clients work directly with our owner before, during and after your installation. If you’d like to get a free estimate on installing a skylight in your home or office, call us today at (401) 738-8282. We look forward to working with you!

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