Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas and Protect Your Home From Snow and Ice

Believe it or not, winter is quickly approaching, which means snow and ice are coming as well. New England winters can be brutal, so it’s important to know how you can prepare for the season and save your roof from potential damage. Midland Roofing will help you select the right coverings to guard your roof against the elements this season, all while extending the life of your roof.  

The first and most important thing you should do to prepare for the winter is schedule a roof inspection. Our roofing contractors will be able to spot any weak areas in the roof, which are the spots that can put your whole roof at risk to collapse. The contractors will focus on whether or not there are damaged shingles, they will take a close look at your chimney and skylights, check the attic, and make sure the gutters are clear. Midland’s contractors are exactly what you need to prepare for winter.  

Your roof carries the most stress during the winter season. The heavy weight of snow and ice on your roof can create harmful impacts that you may not be aware of. Aside from the obvious accumulation of snow, ice blocks can also be formed on your roof and add even more stress. Ice blocks form when rainwater freezes when the temperatures dip below 32 degrees. The combined weight of ice blocks and snow can be so damaging that they could lead to your roof caving in.  

When ice blocks are formed, they can also form ice dams. While icicles are nice to look at as they hang off a roof, many people don’t know that they are actually signs of roof and gutter damage. Ice dams are created at the edge of the roof when the snow and ice on the roof melt and flow down. These can be particularly harmful because they can cause damage to your gutters, and even tear off pieces of your roof. Ice dams are very common as a result of the weather in our area, so it is essential for the future of your roof to prepare for this winter!

Winter is the most dangerous time for there to be any cracks in your roof. As the snow and ice accumulate on your roof, the water can seep into the cracks and create more damage. The water seeping through the cracks can not only create leaks into your home, but they can also make the cracks bigger and more prominent. When cracks form and grow, they can seriously ruin the shingles of your roof. Midland is here to help you prepare for the winter, so don’t wait before it’s too late!

Removing snow from the roof is not something you should do yourself. Often, when people try and remove the snow themselves, they end up damaging the shingles further. Not to mention, it is dangerous to try and remove snow from the roof if you are not a professional. Midland Roofing offers quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service to make sure you and your home are safe from the elements this winter.  

In addition to ensuring your roof is ready for the winter, Midland can also come check out your gutters. If your gutters are clogged with debris before the winter comes, the water that flows through them can turn to ice and create even more damage. This ice not only is a contributor to ice dams, but it also could become so heavy that your gutter could detach from your roof. Avoid all these issues by getting in touch with Midland. We are happy to come out to your location and make sure you are prepared!

Staying on top of trends and styles, we here at Midland Roofing are proud to give you the best roofing experience. With a certification that only a few Rhode Island roofing contractors hold, we are a proud factory-certified GAF Master Elite company. Don’t wait to prepare for the winter. It may seem early, but snowfall is just around the corner. Give us a call at (401) 738-8282 or visit our website, midlandroofingri.com, to see how we can help you prepare for the upcoming season.  

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