Four Tips for Fall

For over 45 years, Midland Roofing Company has been serving Rhode Islanders with all their roofing necessities. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers with the work we do to stay on-trend and our stellar customer service. We provide the best quality workmanship in our industry and provide our customers with a completion timeline to support their confidence in us.  

Now that fall is creeping in and the weather is breaking, right now is the perfect time to start preparing your roof for the fall! We have a list of ways for you to prepare your roof for the upcoming season:

Clean Your Gutters:

The main job of a gutter is to allow water to flow away from your roof. Due to the storms, we have experienced in New England this summer, your gutter could be clogged with sticks, water, leaves and other debris. This means the water most likely is not flowing and draining properly which can lead to serious water damage to your roof. You should unclog and clean your gutters frequently around 1 to 4 times a year and have a professional inspect and clean them out for you as well.

Trim Your Trees:

It is important to trim the branches of trees that are hanging over or close to your home. This is to prevent the branches from falling on your roof, which could lead to dents causing mild to severe damage. As mentioned above, leaves, branches and tree debris can also clog your gutters. So, it is imperative to keep a close eye on the debris in your gutters.

Get Rid of Debris:

Anything can fall on your roof, and in your gutters. Keep an eye on your roof for excess debris because over time it will pile up quicker than you think. Rain collects in these piles of debris which can cause mold and rotting shingles. A professional will do the job to ensure your safety if you are unable to get to the debris.  

Have Midland Inspect Your Roof:

You may think looking at your roof is easy by yourself. Chances are you may end up missing a thing or two that a roofer would be able to notice. Therefore, we do recommend having another set of eyes to look at your roof. The roofing experts at Midland will be able to point you in the right direction about your roofing needs.

At Midland Roofing, we treat each project as its own and customize it to the customer’s needs. We make sure that we are approaching your roofing needs to the best of our ability and before we install your roof, we will look at and inspect the following:

  • All gutters
  • Beginning signs of water damage  
  • Your attic

As a new season approaches, you may be wondering when the best time to install or repair a roof is. September and October are perfect months for roof installation!

A new roof is best installed on a clear day when the temperature is between 45-50 degrees. This is because the shingles will adhere and set better before the cold temperatures hit. It is the perfect temperature for our installers also as they will not be too hot. It is a good idea to purchase or replace your roof in the fall because in the winter, there are many snowstorms that cause power outages, knock down trees, and holes and leaks, and snow pile ups. These are all hazards that can cause damage to your roof. All of these will get worse over time, and it is very important to fix these before it is too late. You will also save a good amount of money during wintertime by keeping in the heat and the cold out.  

Our experts at Midland Roofing will guide you through the roof installation process, step by step so you know exactly what to expect.  We guarantee that choosing Midland Roofing will be the best decision for your roofing needs due to our quality products, workmanship, and customer service.  We are booking through the fall season now so give us a call at (401) 738-8282 or email for a free estimate. We are looking forward to working with you!

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