5 Signs You Need a Professional Roof Replacement

Roofs are the unsung heroes of our houses, remaining largely unacknowledged until a problem or complication has reached the point of no return. But exactly what is this “point,” and when does a roof need to be completely replaced?

Although most minor roof repair work from Midland Roofing may be handled with a roof repair visit, there are numerous indicators that your roof is approaching the end of its life cycle. Schedule an inspection once a year to keep an eye on things up there.

Yes, replacing a roof is an expensive option for most homeowners. However, considering the long-term consequences of not having your roof replaced on time might outweigh its short-term difficulties.

Here are five tell-tale signs that it’s time to hire a roofing contractor to replace your roof.

1. AGE

As things age, they become worse. This reasoning may also be extended to roofing performance. Once you’ve passed the second decade of a roof’s life, there’s a good chance it will have some significant difficulties and issues in the near future.

Here’s a basic guide of the longevity of typical roofing materials according to their life expectancy:

  • Asphalt Shingle Roofs (3-Tab Shingles): 15-20 years
  • Asphalt Shingle Roofs (Dimensional Shingles): 20-25 years
  • Wood Shingle Roofs: 20 years
  • Metal Roofs: 40-80 years
  • Slate Shingles or Concrete/Clay Tile Roofs: 60-200 years

If you think your roof’s materials are nearing the end of their lifespan based on its construction date, now is the time to get in touch with us for an inspection.


Mother Nature has a plethora of severe weather events at her disposal, including blizzards, hurricanes, and hail damage. If your roof isn’t inspected right away after a terrible storm, it might endanger the structural integrity of your property.

Downspouts, gutters, vents, and flashing, as well as significant storm damage to any of these roof attachments, can lead to more serious problems including flooding and even collapse.


It’s never a good sign when mold, mildew, or fungus begins to appear on your roof. Any hint of fungus indicates that moisture is trapped within the materials of your roof, which not only degrades it over time but can also lead to more expensive difficulties like a drooping or sagging roof.

If you let this problem go unchecked, it will need to be repaired eventually. The sooner you act, the better; however, if you fail to do so, your roof will have to be replaced entirely.


When it comes to roof performance, what is the point of no return? A drooping or sagging roof. This means your house is at risk of collapsing or having long-term structural integrity problems. Water damage is often the cause of a droopy or sagging roof and is an indication that your roof should be replaced right away.


Have your power or utility bills been increasing at an alarming rate recently? Roofs are the most common cause of these new expenses.

Insufficient insulation, faulty sealing, holes, leaks, and misalignment are just a few of the many causes of high energy bills. While some problems can be handled with normal roofing maintenance or repairs, total roof replacement is an effective approach to permanently decrease your utility costs.


Do you feel your roof may need to be replaced? The first step in determining what course of action is best suited for your roofing requirement is to engage with reputable local roofing contractors.

At Midland Roofing, we provide a wide variety of home roofing services to guarantee that your roof is in good condition and functioning efficiently for many years to come.

Contact us now to book a consultation and start repairing your roof right away!

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