4 Ways to Enjoy A Skylight in the Winter

Looking for different ways to enjoy your skylight during the winter months?  Midland Roofing offers a variety of different Velux skylights that can bring the natural light into your home. With winter among us, we tend to spend more time inside which means we get less sunlight.  By adding a skylight to your home, you can enjoy the natural light you are missing out on during the winter months.  The 3-star Velux skylight experts at Midland Roofing have installed skylights in offices, bathrooms, stairwells, bedrooms, living rooms, and more.

Sunlight = Vitamin D

One of the major benefits of having a skylight in your home is to provide you with sunlight.  During the winter, studies have shown that people tend to lack Vitamin D due to less exposure to sunlight.  Midland Roofing can provide you with many different skylights that can bring sunlight into your home, so you don’t miss out on your dose of Vitamin D.  Due to the current state of the world, if you are working from home, a skylight is the perfect way to add some light into your personal office space to keep you focused and energized.  This can increase your mood and your productivity during the day.  

Natural Light Reduces Stress and Anxiety  

Natural light not only makes a room feel brighter, but it can help reduce your stress and anxiety.  This year has especially been very stressful for everyone and by bringing natural light into your home you can create more positive changes in your brain.  By soaking up the natural light for 30 minutes a day every morning, you can prepare your mind for any stressful situation you may face during the day.  This can also help reduce any cabin fever you may be feeling and help release some tension.  With a skylight in your home, you can enjoy this sunlight without having to go outside and while working or while relaxing during your morning coffee.  

Natural Light Can Improve Your Happiness

By adding a skylight into your home, you can enjoy natural light that can increase your happiness.  An increased exposure to natural light can raise mood-enhancing serotine which can make you happier overall.  Finding the time to get more sun exposure throughout the day can help increase your mental health and your overall wellbeing.  Skylights are a great addition to any home improvements you are looking to make.  During the winter months we are less likely to be outside and the sun sets earlier, so by adding a skylight you are letting in additional sunlight that we are unable to receive.

Natural Light Can Help You Sleep Better

By exposing yourself to natural light throughout the day, you can help improve your sleep at night.  By being exposed to sunlight, especially in the morning, you can improve your circadian biological clock that regulates your natural body clock during the day.  Spending more time in the light will help your body adjust to staying awake in natural light and falling asleep at night when it gets dark.  Getting enough sleep can also improve your overall mood which will prevent you from feeling sluggish and dosing off during the day.  Skylights especially in home offices can be a great way to get natural light exposure during the working day.  Installing a skylight will help bring natural light into your home during all hours of the day resulting in you getting a better night’s sleep.  

Our skylights are a great way to help you receive the sunlight you might be missing out on during the winter months. For a free estimate on a skylight installation, contact the experts at Midland Roofing at 401.738.8282 today.

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